For an appropriate VC, Punjab University back to square one

FOR weeks and months, Punjab University has been in the midst of an unending crisis. The premier and the oldest University of Pakistan had been brought back to a stable and worthwhile stability after relentless efforts of its former VC and its team. Then things changed suddenly or so it seems.
The rival unions or a particular section known for its being segment of a particular political party was back to square one. With the new management, unwisely taking some uncalled steps to soften up against some known trouble-makers and other such measures brought in its wake sudden and inevitable results. Punjab University was once again causing untold problems to its students, academic staff, local authorities and even the Punjab Government.
Provincial Government, is once again saddled with the inevitable question to find a suitable and firm VC, to restore the sanity in the oldest University Campus of Pakistan.
The latest evidence to its current situation was provided by a joint press conference of the members of the Punjab University Senate and Academic Staff Association urging Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, to appoint Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran, as the PU Vice Chancellor, again, in a bid to restore peace and academic culture at the Campus, since he is vastly experienced and tops the list there candidates on merit.
Addressing a press Conference at the Lahore Press Club, the Association Treasurer Dr. Azhar Naeem, executive members, Naeemullah Khan, Dr. Ayub Afridi, members of the Senate, including Dr. Kamran Abid, Dr. Abdul Qayyum, and others claimed that the induction of PU, VC, Dr. Zafar Mueen Nasir, the University had completely collapsed because of administrative failure. They maintained that the University had stopped progressing academically by dint of wrong policies and practices of Dr. Nasar.
They said that Dr. Nasar, in the last five months had withdrawn his several office orders after receiving strong criticism, reaction and protests. For instance, they said VC Dr. Nasar terminated contracts of 43 national distinguished professors but had to withdrawn his orders because of strong criticism. They alleged that Dr. Nasar, was not capable of running the University and the administration of Pakistan’s oldest seat of learning must be handled over to an experienced and worthy person.
They said that a corrupt mafia in the ranks of teachers was against the appointment of Dr. Mujahid Kamran. It is for the first time that PU has seen its closure of varisty gates and worst law and order situation. It therefore calls for immediate and urgent steps to restore sanity in the PU Campus under a suitable and effective administration.

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