Appreciable statements

As a matter of fact, the Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif is portraying the position of Pakistan quite well as compared to the preceding government of PPP that unreservedly surrendered to the wishes of USA. PPP made the nation victim to inferiority complex. Khawaja bluntly said that Trump was using the language of India. The nation stands with the government officials that are at least speaking up. Moreover, the statement of the leaders of a country are liked and needed whenever nation is surrounded by a certain threat. In this regard, Khawaja’s tweets are welcoming and appreciable. Setting aside, the political and non-political issues, all the parties should support and build the morale of the current rulers of Pakistan. On the other side, the Defence Minister Khurrum Dastgir has also appropriately said that Pakistan was now a changed country and not the one when Hilary Clinton visited it.
The fundamental thing required here is to ensure that these statements are also given on the international media. Besides, through international channels their message will be heard loud and clear. Lastly, it is hoped that the nation as a whole faces up to the prevailing off-putting situation and stands up against the threats posed by Uncle Sam.

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