Appreciable moral victory

It is good to note that Iran has recently secured quite an appreciable moral victory against President Donald Trump’s US at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague. According to media reports, the UN top court has ordered the US to lift its restrictions on humanitarian goods to Iran. These restrictions were imposed on Teheran after the Trump Administration had unilaterally pulled itself out of a nuclear deal which had put the Iranian lives at great risk due to lack of even imported medicines among other goods.
This is ICJ’s big rebuke to the Trump Administration which has been duly welcomed by Teheran as a victory whereas Washington has said the ICJ order pertains to just a few sanctions though it is likely to rile President Donald Trump more than what is being said. Iran had taken the matter to the ICJ in July and during hearings in late August, its lawyers had accused Washington of strangulating Iran’s economy.
This is to felicitate our Iranian brethren on this moral victory against so-called world’s biggest human rights champion. Washington is persistently ignoring its strategic partner India’s ongoing oppression through its unbridled occupying security forces on unarmed Kashmiris who are only struggling and demanding their birth right of self-determination according to UN resolutions. Needless to mention here that lingering unresolved Kashmir dispute remains unresolved issue on the agenda of the world body for about 70 years.

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