Apology accepted, trust denied!

How convenient it is to talk about the loss of 40 billion rupees of PIA and not mentioning the loss of hundreds of people in different plane crashes. How can Mr Abbasi not talk about the trust that has been broken repeatedly by the most promising Airline of Pakistan? Yes, I am talking about all the plane crashes of PIA happened in recent years. It is about the trust of millions of people who are actually terrified by the name of travelling into the National Airlines of Pakistan, including me. Those people have seen the loss of their beloved, yet the national Airlines of Pakistan is doing nothing about it. The management is still pretty poor, the political interference is still going on and most of times the staff is still being recruited on the basis of some elite influence. This needs to stop! Because we, being the dumb nation, will accept the apology every time, but trusting your services again and again is not possible.

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