APC on Census

POLITICAL, religious and nationalist parties gathered at the Sindh Chief Minister House on Sunday and held discussion on the code of conduct for the upcoming population Census. Leaders of about twenty eight parties sat together at the all parties conference summoned by the Pakistan People’s Party to discuss the Census issue in threadbare.
Census is a mandatory constitutional provision and under the law the exercise should be conducted every ten years but regrettably Pakistan may be the only one in the list of largest countries which has been running without Census for the last eighteen years as the last one was conducted way back in 1998. Pakistan People’s Party, which today is reminding the government of its constitutional obligation to conduct the Census, failed to carry out the counting of population in its previous tenure from 2008 to 2013. The party, which today is declaring Census as a matter of life and death and strongly raising concerns on any further delays in the conduct of the exercise, had turned its back to the constitutional obligation mere after conducting the count of houses. Anyhow, nobody can deny the significance of population Census as it provides a comprehensive and clear picture of the social and living conditions of the people and based on this data, future planning and development programmes are chalked out. Be it the distribution of resources amongst the provinces or the allocation of assembly seats and the quota for the recruitment of federal posts, all these matters are all worked out on the basis of population ratio. Keeping in view the significance of this mammoth exercise, the concerned authorities should make every effort to make the entire process transparent and controversy free by adopting a reliable and fair procedure. Responsibility lies with both enumerators and respondents to fulfil their duties honestly and efficiently as the whole exercise has close link with the welfare of the present and future generations as well as economic stability of the country. The earlier the population Census is conducted the better it would be for the people and the country.

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