Apathy towards FATA deplorable

TERRORISM stricken parts of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) require special government attention for their development but that appears to be the least priority of authorities concerned. This is the gist of a special report compiled by a sub-committee of the Senate’s Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions. Given the great sacrifices rendered by patriotic people of FATA for peace and stability of the country and region, any step-motherly attitude will give rise to deprivation amongst affected population, which can be exploited by anti-state elements who are already engaged in hatching conspiracies against the country.
Over the last ten years or so, the tribal areas have only seen death and destruction caused by terrorists as well as US drone strikes. These are the people who had to leave their homes and livelihoods to pave the way for armed forces to carry out operation against undesirable elements. Now as the situation stands improved due to indiscriminate operation of armed forces, it is the responsibility of the government to carry out development projects in the areas with full pace and help the tribal people rebuild their lives and livelihoods. Any lip service on the matter will have disastrous consequences and the government will have to ensure implementation of all infrastructure projects including reconstruction of schools, health facilities and provision of basic amenities of life to the terrorism stricken people in order to win their hearts and minds. Though the government has come up with a comprehensive FATA reforms package aimed at bringing the tribal areas into mainstream but there is need to immediately approve it after all necessary consultation so that implementation on it could be started without any delay. In addition, responsibility also rests with world community to show generosity and reciprocate to sacrifices rendered by the tribal people for peace in the region and the world at large by extending a helping hand to Pakistan in their complete rehabilitation.

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