Apathy in IESCO

Hashim Abro

My younger brother repeatedly called the Iesco management and sent a volley of sms to the IESCO for proper underground placement of the naked cables and line losses but there was no knee jerk response from anywhere. Tired and fully exhausted after sending cell messages and telephonically requesting and repeating the same submission again and again, he reached at such a level where his impatience was visible. He asked me this question, “Big brother, has everybody become so thick-skinned in this society of ours that nobody bothers even to listen?”
I replied, “indeed, in this society many in power and authority have either lost this tendency to hear, answer and address the problem or they have developed a tendency of inflicting miseries on fellow human beings and getting delight out of it. A vast majority of people in this society have become thick-skinned because there is no one to hold anyone accountable for his/her deeds. We all have to wait for the Judgement Day. If anybody has to live in this thick-skinned society then one should not give up. Keep pressing, don’t regret and one day you will get it, or at least the thick-skinned rascal will go under-ground.”

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