Anyone going against Nawaz will only disgrace himself: AJK PM


ISLAMABAD :Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider on Sunday said that there is no replacement of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the whole party is united under his leadership. Talking to Private news channel Farooq Haider said that a concerted campaign is being run to break Pakistan Muslim League-N into many factions but he said that all such efforts have failed so far and will not succeed in future. He said that the PML(N) leadership and workers are well aware of the conspiracy against the PML(N) and Pakistan’s interests. He said: “There is only one leader of PML-N and that’s Nawaz Sharif. Anyone who disassociates himself from him and lets him down will have no future. Anyone who deserts Nawaz Sharif will not be able to hold his head high and gain trust of the voters. There’s no future for anyone who leaves Nawaz.” Haider warned that Pakistan has paid a heavy price for the mistakes made in its 70 years history. “We paid a heavy price in 1971. Such tactics don’t work anymore, anyone who think that he will succeed through such tricks against Nawaz Sharif should learn lessons from history and not repeat mistakes which are destined to fail.” Raja Farooq Haider lamented that a few social media activists were arrested by the FIA for exercising their right of free speech. He said anyone violating the law should be tried under the cyber crime laws but action shouldn’t be discriminatory towards only one group. He said that kidnapping of the activists was unacceptable because freedom of expression is a fundamental human right.



Originally published by INP

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