Anwar, Sanjrani shortlisted for Senate chairman candidate: Bizenjo

Imran pledges support to Balochistan’s candidate

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Holding joint presser with Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Qaddus Bizenjo here on Saturday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan on Saturday endorsed the candidate of Balochistan panel.
Khan stated that he would leave no stone unturned to bar Pakistan Muslim League-N from fielding their candidate as Senate chairman. Khan felicitated Balochistan CM in advance for selection of his candidate for the post of Senate chairman.
Bizenjo said that names of Anwarul Haq and Sadiq Sanjrani have been proposed for candidacy of aforementioned posts. He stated that a name of candidate would be finalized soon and PTI would put their weight behind Balochistan panel. Balochistan has the opportunity to bring their candidate for Senate chairman for the first time in recorded history”, asserted Bizenjo. Bizenjo told the journalists that PTI’s initiative to take the first step to support a candidate from Balochistan was appreciable.
“Imran Khan sahib and PTI get the first credit for lending their support,” he said, adding that he also values the Pakistan People’s Party for appreciating the prospect of a Senate chairman from Balochistan.
“Bilawal sahib, I believe, tweeted last night that his party is ready to make a sacrifice for Balochistan and we value this gesture,” Bizenjo told the journalists. Imran said that it would be a great achievement if — for the first time in the country’s history — the chairman of Senate will be elected from Balochistan.
“The people of Balochistan have been aware of their deprivations since some time now,” the PTI chief said, “and it would be a great feat if the incoming Senate chairman is from Balochistan.”With just two days remaining till the election to appoint the Senate chairman and deputy chairman, political parties have redoubled their efforts for the appointment of a candidate of their choice.
Meanwhile, addressing the social media convention of PTI in Islamabad Imran ruled out any alliance with Pakistan Muslim League-N and Pakistan People’s Party in the Senate Chairman election. Imran said that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari have inflicted great damage to Pakistan, therefore, we are against any alliance with them. “We are not making any alliance with PMLN and PPP, we are just trying to bring Balochistan forward in the political landscape,” Imran Khan said.

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