Anti-terror operation intensifies

PAKISTAN’S credentials in the war against terror were already very strong but these have assumed new dimensions after recent wave of terrorism that took over one hundred precious lives just within a week besides injuries to hundreds of people. Top leadership of the country is fully resolved to ignore all sorts of expediencies and take stern and meaningful action against threats emanating from both within the country and abroad.
In line with this strategy, Apex Committee of Punjab, on Sunday, decided to seek assistance of Rangers in carrying out joint operations against terrorists in the province. The collaboration would be for intelligence-based operations and procedural details would be sorted out within next few days. The situation in Punjab was not as bad as in Karachi, where Rangers have been deployed and are rendering valuable services in weeding out terrorists and criminals and restoring much-needed peace. However, latest incidents have highlighted the need to take immediate action against sleeper cells of terrorist outfits as well as those who readily become tools in the hands of anti-Pakistan forces. The involvement of Rangers would deprive some political parties and leaders of the excuse to lash out at Punjab and use the issue to sow discard among federating units. The authorities have also intensified crackdown in other parts of the country especially in areas on Pak-Afghan border from where terrorists sneak in to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan. However, complete success of the operation depends on several factors including sustained coordination among intelligence agencies and law-enforcing agencies, full cooperation of provincial governments, zero tolerance for suspected activities which go on even in the Federal Capital and its suburban areas, choking arms and ammunition supplies through smuggling routes, greater vigilance by Police, general public and a check on free-for-all activities of hostile intelligence agencies. There is strong national consensus for elimination of terrorism and authorities concerned should take full advantage of the opportunity to ward off the threat once and for all.

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