Anti-polio drive in KP

Sanaullah Samad

Recently, a three day anti-polio campaign was launched in 13 high districts of KP Province, and more than 3.65m children were vaccinated. Around 22,000 police personal were deployed to support polio workers to make it successful. Since 2014, when Pakistan broke the record of having highest number of polio cases in the year, a great improvement has seen in last two years. Last year many parents agreed to vaccinate their children which was a good relief by the health workers.
Around 254 cases were reported during 2014, while the number came down to 56 in the year and only 14 cases are reported in 2016. It shows the polio workers are successful to protect the small kids from crippling. I would like to request the concerned health authorities that polio campaigns should be launched across the country so that in future none of children suffers from polio.
—Via email

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