Another trick for corruption

I would like to highlight corruption in DRAP to the Chief Justice of Pakistan that is creating artificial shortage of medicines and monopoly of sale for some companies. Although there are many corruption avenues in DRAP, some of which have been highlighted in the media. I would like to point to a trick used by DRAP to help their blue eyed pharmaceutical companies achieve a monolpoly in their products at the cost of medicine shortages for Pakistanis. How this trick works is that the culprit pharma company bribes DRAP official who give them a higher retail price on a certain product. The culprit company pays another company to apply for same product but with a much lower retail price, which DRAP allows.
After this DRAP reduces the price of same product for all other pharma companies in Pakistan, rendering the products unprofitable and the other companies are forced to stop their production and send requests for price increases to DRAP which they keep pending. All of this creates a monopoly for the culprit company and a shortage of medicines for Pakistanis. Take the example of Diclofenec Sodium tablets. It was registered for many companies in the 1990’s for Rs. 80, when US dollar was at RS 45. Now DRAP has reduced price to Rs.60 when US dollar is at Rs.115, while allowing a higher retail price for a few companies for Diclofenec Sodium.
If the Chief Justice of Pakistan can ask DRAP to provide data on all products whose prices have been reduced over the past 5 years, they can then check which companies got the increases in retail prices for those products to find out the culprit companies. Such practices create hurdles for the growth of pharmaceutical sector in Pakistan that provides many jobs across the entire supply chain.

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