Another scandal!

According to the news report Ayub Quershi secretary To the Chief Minister Sana Ullah Zehri has been arrested in Karachi. He was involved in massive corruption. Millions of Rupees were discovered by the Rangers from his residence. He was extorting money from different departments. He was charging for giving employment and transfers/postings. How low these people can stoop too?
Former Finance Adviser of Balochistan Khalid Lango was arrested on corruption charges, while millions of rupees and jewellery were recovered from his house. It seems that Balochistan is plagued with corruption. People have been deprived of basic necessities of life while the rich are soaked in corruption. We are told that Balochs are angry because they have been neglected. Balochistan is rich in natural resources and mineral deposits but it has not been given its due share. We must weed out corruption and corrupt rulers from Pakistan.

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