Another JI leader to go to gallows in Bangladesh

PM Hassina Wajid of Bangladesh is not stopping her political persecution and vendetta. Jamaat-e-Islami leaders continue to face the brunt of her vengeance based policies. In its latest and yet another flawed, one sided and unfair trial, the special tribunal has sentenced to death Sakhawat Hossain, the leader of JI while awarding life imprisonment to seven others. What was the crime of these and other JI leaders is known to everybody that they were actually fighting for the sovereignty of their country against Mukhti Bahini and the Indian forces during the war of 1971.
It appears that Ms Hassina Wajid is suffering from some kind of psychological trauma and going crazy to send the political opponents to gallows to quench her blood thirst. However, this fanaticism on the part of BD PM has only deeply fragmented the society and contributed to promotion of terrorism and extremism. Resultantly in recent times, we have seen a hike in attacks on people of all faiths including Islamists, Christians and Hindus. The militant Islamic State group has either secured a foothold in the country or extremists are using its nomenclature to target bloggers, members of minority communities and foreigners. Yet Hassina Wajid appears to be indifferent to what is happening to her country, which in the era of Khalid Zia had achieved many milestones on the economic front. It is time she tackle the current problems, which are many and pressing. She should know that her country is party to the 1974 tripartite agreement at New Delhi, when Bangladesh agreed not to proceed with any trials because its founder and her father, Mujibur Rahman, had decided to “forget the past and make a fresh start”. Shunning the confrontationist approach, she instead should work for national reconciliation and focus on her country’s economic development. This is the only way she can save her country from the rising tide of intolerance and extremism.

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