Another horrendous incident

OVER the last few months, one has seen an increasing number of despicable and horrendous incidents of rape and murder of young innocent girls especially in the Punjab province. After the incident in Kasur that shook the entire nation and also most recently in Faisalabad and Jarawanala where young girls became victim of beasts, Monday saw an eight-year girl in Chichawatni becoming victim of a cruel and apathetic savage who burnt the girl alive after allegedly being raped.
Though the culprit is still at large yet in this particular case also, one has seen an outpour of public anger both on the streets and the social media as was witnessed in the case of Zainab. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif took notice and ordered an investigation into the incident. The way Zainab murder case was taken to logical conclusion by the provincial government with the use of latest technology, we expect that the same modus operandi will be applied in this case also to bring the beast to justice at the earliest who also needs to be given strict punishment rather a public hanging making him an example for others. Until and unless such culprits are not handed down strict punishment, it will be difficult to put a lid to such horrific incidents. According to a study, during the past seven and half years, at least twenty two thousand and five hundred cases of child sexual abuse were reported in the country. However, it is a common belief that the number of child sexual abuse is much more than what is reported to the police or in the press. Mostly majority of such cases are not reported to the police due to the so-called ‘shame’ attached with the issue in our society. Given this situation, it is need of the hour that the federal and provincial governments pass strict laws and punishment against child abuse. As in the other countries, the issue may be included in syllabus to train children against it. Parents also need to be alert and cautious and they need to be informed through the media how to save their children from abuse. Incidents of child abuse are a black spot on the face of a Muslim society and cross section of society needs to get united for protection of the children against this curse.

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