Another Heatwave while fasting, temperature rise to 44°C in Karachi


KARACHI (Pakistan Observer): One more day under heat wave’s rule. Inhabitants of Karachi recently came out from experiencing the heat wave while fasting during the holy month of Ramadan weather forecast shows the second day can be hottest among three days alert.

Mercury can go up to as high as 46° Celsius in Karachi. The city may remain under the influence of flurry breeze of hot winds that are expected to continue for one more day.

As per Pakistan Meteorological Department Due to a low air pressure in Sindh’s upper region would affect the weather of the port city as it could halt or inhibit the sea breeze for three days due to which the city would experience hot winds blowing from the north-western areas, instead of south-western winds.

Due to the recent attack of the heatwave in 2015 hundreds of people died in Karachi and same happened a few days ago in 2018. The Pakistan Rangers, Government of Sindh, City District Government, private, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) have set up relief camps across the city to treat people who are affected by heatstroke. Doctors have also advised the residents to stay indoors when the mercury level is high.

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