Another gruesome attack in UK

SEVEN people were killed after the brutal terrorist attack in London Saturday night, in which three men with a van and a stash of knives executed the brutal plan. It was the third deadly attack in Britain in three months and came only days before snap elections in the country. Just last week the suicide bombing in Manchester had left twenty-two people dead. Soon after the terrorist attack, the world leaders including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif poured in with their strong denouncements and expressing solidarity with the British people at this hour of trial.
In recent times, different cities of Europe have witnessed some of the worst terror incidents, clearly giving the impression of rising extremism within the European societies. We understand that those carrying out these attacks such as so-called Islamic State (IS or Daesh) have a clear intent to make the lives of Muslims in these countries difficult. But one must not forget and especially in the case of Britain that whilst the society embraced them openly, the Muslim population also did not spare any effort to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. It is the right of British authorities to take action against elements behind this or the previous heinous acts but while doing so Muslims should not be discriminated or those innocents should not end up behind the prisons. We hope that justice will prevail which is the hallmark of British society. Given the intensity of terror attacks recently seen in Europe, it has become imperative for all the countries to get together at one platform to find permanent solution to the problem. The solution is not only military in nature but concrete steps are required to deradicalise the societies in order to cut the necessary fuel supply to terror groups. For this, the Muslim clerics in their respective societies will have to play a pivotal role in order to acquaint the youth with spiritual message of Islam, which has nothing to do with extremism but advocate peace and harmony.

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