Another donkey brutally beaten

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Another tortured donkey was handed over to ani-mal rescue team Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) two days after a political rally had brutally beaten a donkey to offend a rival party on Sunday.
“Another day, another story of abuse. We do not know if it was related to anything political…all we know is that it is unimag-inably horrific abuse at the hands of our people,” the NGO took to social media on Wednesday.
“This donkey was re-ported to us from Gul-shan-e-Iqbal… It appears he has been pelted and beaten on the head re-peated by jagged edge ob-jects or stones. His skull is completely visible, maggots have eaten all the flesh within it. His left eye has been gouged out,” the post explained.
“He was bleeding so pro-fusely we had to let it flow into buckets. We en-sured his bleeding has stopped, given pain kill-ers, maggots removed and wound thoroughly cleaned.”
The animal rescue and shelter stressed about such situations taking toll and urged the people to raise voice for the op-pressed and unspoken for.
“Whether political or not, this is still a hate crime at the hands of our people,” the NGO further wrote.
“Where are the laws that protect animals? Why have they been forgotten or perhaps, never imple-mented properly in the first place?” it asked.
“Raise your voices. Don’t let this be the future for our children,” ACF urged.
It is pertinent to mention here that the gory torture began Sunday when Paki-stan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters had re-portedly tortured a don-key physically to offend a political opponent by writing its name over the animal and beating it up ruthlessly. Responding to the abuse, PTI condemned the inci-dent but no actions against the act was spo-ken of.
“Whether it is PTI sup-porters who beat up a donkey, or Imran Khan opponents who did the same to a dog…. this re-veals a vile degeneration in our basic mindset of humanity. This kind of cruelty has to stop across the board,” the party tweeted Tuesday.

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