Another charge sheet against India

PAKISTAN’S Ambassador to the US Jalil Abbass Jilani on Tuesday shared with US Special Envoy Richard Olson the carefully documented evidences of Indian brutalities and systematic rights violations being perpetrated by the Indian troops against the defenceless civilians in occupied Kashmir. Ambassador Jilani was right in his assertion that being the permanent member of the UNSC, the US is morally and legally bound to play its role in ensuring that the people of Kashmir are able to exercise their right to self determination. As India has never shown sincerity to resolve this lingering dispute, Pakistani leadership has repeatedly asked the US for mediation but regrettably it has never received a positive response.
In particular cases, we do see the so called flag bearers of human rights raising their “grave concerns” especially against the Muslim countries but when it comes to their diplomatic and economic interests, they turn their backs, close their eyes and turn their ears deaf at the gross and open atrocities of occupying forces such as those of India and Israel against innocent Kashmiris and Palestinians. These double standards in fact have made the world an insecure place and things will remain precarious as long as this duplicity in conduct based on vested interests is not reversed. As regards the presentation of dossier to the US envoy, we understand it will meet the same fate as those handed over to the UN Secretary General last year on the subversive activities of Indian agencies in Balochistan. These dossiers carry very substantive evidences showcasing the extremist and terrorist face of India but we have no doubt in mind that these will also be left to bite the dust. In spite of this, we understand that Pakistan should not get discouraged and launch a more robust diplomatic offensive by raising both the plight of Kashmiri people and Indian intervention in Balochistan at various international platforms. We should also keep our friends such as China, which is also permanent member of the UNSC, and the gulf countries well informed on these issues in order to keep the extremist Hindu leaders under stress.

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