Anger and your mind..!

LAST night I spent in the company of a dear friend of mine whom I hadn’t met in years. We went over to his club and as I sat with him, realized there was a lot amiss; this was one very angry young man: He was angry with his friends, relatives, and almost everybody for hurt they had caused him. I sat and listened to him then asked:
“How’s your blood pressure?” “Gone up!” he said. “Bound to,” I sighed and told him a story: A man read, in the want ads, of a sports car for sale. It had only 3,000 miles. “Like new,” the ad boasted. “Mint condition. $75.00.”
He laughed to himself, and he said, “There goes the newspaper, making another mistake.” But he decided to call the number anyway and asked the woman who answered about the car.
“Is it really brand new?” “Yes,” she replied. “Three thousand miles?” “Yes.” “The price?” “Seventy-five dollars,” she answered. “Lady, what’s wrong with it?” he asked. “Nothing! You’re the first to call. I supposed nobody believed the ad.”
He decided to look at it. She let him take test drive. The car looked exquisite and ran perfectly. He just couldn’t believe his luck! “The car is yours for $75.00,” the woman said emphatically, “on one condition. I want the money now and I want you to drive it away so I never have to see it again.”
He paid her and took the keys. “Please tell me, lady,” he persisted. “You could have sold this car for thirty thousand dollars. What’s going on?”
She told him her story: “I bought this car for my husband on our fortieth wedding anniversary. Two weeks ago he went fishing with his friends leaving me here alone, last week I got a call from him. He said, ‘Need money, sell car, and send some cash.’ I did.” We both laughed at the story and then my friend asked, “What are you trying to tell me Bob?” “That you are being just like that lady!” I said, “She also wanted to hit out and in the process sold something that was precious to both of them for a song; you also are losing your health with your anger!”
“So what do I do?” he whispered. “Anger,” I said quoting Max Lucado, “is the noise of the soul, the unseen irritant of the heart, the relentless invader of silence!”
“So?” “Still yourself! What happened yesterday you can’t alter, but your response to yesterday you can! You can either lash out by selling the car and destroying something valuable or being still, forgiving the other person and carrying on with life.

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