Android and today’s technology

Sabeen Tariq

Nowadays, technology is making us fast and furious. Today’s technology Android become more attractive and implemented technology, the most prominent thing is Google’s rapidly approaching Android release, currently known as Android ‘N’. The company has yet to reveal the full name or version number. While the software itself isn’t expected to arrive until sometime this summer, we’re’ getting an increasingly clear picture of the fresh features and improvements. Manufacturers are able to customize Android as they like, some specifics of the software may vary from one device to the next once N is actually released, as will the timing of when the upgrade become available.
It contain multi window mode; the feature makes it possible to split a device’s display in half view two apps on screen at the same time. Android N marks the first time the function is being offered as a native part of actual operating system and the first time developer will be able to optimize their apps to work consistently well with the feature across the entire platform. Android N can open number of apps at a time and it’s a huge enhancement from the previous mess setups. It gives not only good sharing of data but also giving efficiency in settings and data saving supports.

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