And now Japan!

PAKISTAN has taken exception to the position adopted by Japan in an apparent attempt to please India over the question of Islamabad’s role in the war against terror. Responding to questions during weekly news briefing on Thursday, Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria termed highly regrettable the mentioning of Pakistan as a country sheltering terrorists in the joint statement issued at the conclusion of Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to India.
The spokesperson had a point in emphasising that compromising principles of inter-state relations for sake of economic considerations in any situation is regrettable. Pakistan and Japan have long enjoyed a friendship that suited more to Tokyo than Islamabad as Japanese flooded Pakistani markets with their products without transfer of technology. This is more so in the case of Japanese vehicles that dominate Pakistani roads but the Japanese companies never cared about or fulfilled even their contractual obligations regarding transfer of technology and know-how and as a consequence Pakistan has suffered a lot. Now-a-days Japanese used cars are seen everywhere in the country but not to speak of technology Japanese are not even supplying the necessary spare parts and customers are left at the mercy of brutal market. All this is to say that if Japan has its economic and commercial interests in India, it has similar interests in Pakistan as well. Then why is it so that Tokyo never took Pakistan seriously rather took it for granted and this attitude we also witnessed when the nuclear non-proliferation issue was being agitated loudly by some countries of the world in the context of Pakistan and Japan was the last country to lift sanctions against the country. Japanese have fallen into Indian trap following mention of terrorist outfits in the BRICS declaration where we had a strong friend like China and emerging friend Russia. The United States is already speaking the language of India besides Afghanistan. This shows that India is successfully influencing the minds of the global community in its propaganda campaign against Pakistan but we have miserably failed to put across our point of view in right perspective before the world community. For a change to occur, it is not enough that our civilian and military leaders reiterate the role and contribution of Pakistan in the war against terror in their statements and speeches but our diplomats should also play a proactive role in this regard.

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