An open letter to teachers

Razaullah khan
Lakki Marwat, KP

Teachers play a significant role in the development of a nation. Teacher is one who constructs and builds a nation slowly and gradually. But majority of teachers use different techniques with students to control them and wasting the precious times of students. Firstly, majority of teachers don’t allow their students to ask a question. To ask a question from teacher is not something bad and it is the duty of the teacher to clear the concept of students. But in majority of educational institutions the situation is very different. If a student asks a question from their teachers then teachers are always trying to ignore them. I would like to quote my own example. A few days back, I asked many questions from my teacher, which he mind too much and after the lecture he told me that tomorrow is your presentation. Teacher was in hope that next time I will not be able ask a question due to fear of presentation at the same time it also served as a warning to all other students that all those who ask questions will present their topics. Similarly, many teachers give notes to the students and students are bound to write word by word those notes in exams. Then it’s very easy for students to prepare those topics for examination. This is not a welcome practice. In majority of Khyber Paktunkhwa universities, teacher also do discrimination among students in paper checking. Those students who have a good relation with them can easily obtain marks even if they don’t attempt their paper good. On the other hand, those students who are not in their good books cannot obtain good marks in examination. So it is the primary responsibility of a teacher to treat their students with an even hand. Similarly at University level, majority of teachers during class time waste times on irrelevant activities such as discussing political affairs with students, focus on students’ uniform instead of their lectures. Teachers must focus on their lectures rather than frivolous issues. Therefore, it’s my humble plea to all the teachers to change their behaviour towards students and treat all of them like their own children so that the students learn something from their teachers.

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