An irreparable loss

Fakeha Faiz

The brutal assassination of the renowned Qawwal Amjad Sabri has cast a deep shadow of gloom all over the nation. The country has lost a legendary qawwal/singer who won numerous accolades for the nation for his soulful Qawwalis. His tragic death sent shock waves amongst his fans all over the world. Needless to say, his voice will echo in the minds of people in the realm of Sufi music and Qawwali for long times to come. Having said that, his sudden demise raises questions on the lackluster situation of security in the metropolitan city of Karachi where target killings have again reared their head. Although, the security situation has improved over the period of time, yet the high-profile abduction of Sindh High Court Chief Justice’s son and now the assassination of this harmless artist, do raise serious questions on the performance of LEAs and police. Innocent people are sprayed with bullets in the broad daylight anytime anywhere by some “unnamed men”. The security cameras and other surveillance instruments are found in not-so-functioning-condition at key areas of the city. The city has become a boiling cauldron of political conflicts between different parties whose selfish power motives are costing the city its peace. Operation Zarb e Azb’s successes notwithstanding, terrorists have found their sleeper cells in urban and rural areas and can create turbulence anytime without fear and remorse. Moreover, the culture of intolerance that has taken roots in our society has to be countered. Even the seemingly uncontroversial and innocuous people whose only purpose is to make other people happy, are made the victims of violence. Dissent is seen as an incitement to violence. Anyone who doesn’t fit in our set standards of “right”, is condemned, ridiculed and threatened to kill. Tolerance and endurance have become bygone words in this society. Amjad Sabri always carried the message of love, goodwill and tranquillity. It is regrettable that even such lovable people aren’t spared from the demonic designs of the enemy and fanatics unleashed their reign of barbarity on this harmless soul. The loss of Amjad Sabri is indeed a terrible incident. In Pakistan where the space for Sufi music and Qawwali is gradually shrinking and very few artists actually pursue this yonder of music, Sabri kept this alive with his earnest efforts. This star, albeit is now vanished from the horizon, yet its glory would continue for the times to come. Condolences are extended to the family for this irreplaceable loss.
—Via email

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