An increase in the suicide rate

Anum Tariq

In recent years, incidents of suicide appear to have increased in Pakistan and suicide has become a major problem. From available evidence it appears that most suicides occur in young people under the age of 30 years. Traditionally, suicide numbers were low but in recent years, they have shown an increase and suicide has become a major public problem in Pakistan.
Hanging, gun shot, poisoning and firearms are the most common methods of suicidial attack. Mental illness, traumatic experience, unemployment, bullying, failures in studies and interpersonal relationship problems and domestic issues are the most common reasons for suicide. In conservative South Asian Islamic countries with traditionally low suicide rate, both suicide and attempted suicide are illegal acts.
As far as suicide prevention is concerned, this requires a multi-sectoral approach. Almost 34% of Pakistani population suffers from common mental disorders, and depression is implicated in more than 90% of suicides. This needs to be addressed at the community level. Ideally mental health and suicide prevention programmes should be integrated within the primary health care system. Educate people about mental illness, substance abuse, and suicide to prevent.

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