An angry world..!

TODAY, what one sees is an angry world. It’s not anger directed at anything in particular, but one which attacks everything in range! Angry mothers shout at angry children, furious fathers rebuke same angry mothers, while same wrath filled children fist others their age with the same rage, as anger spreads all over.
It’s become a disease, more contagious than cancer or heart attacks. But where did all this anger originate from? “Hey husband!” smiles the First Lady as she looks at her blonde haired husband, “Why you looking so grouchy today?” “I can’t build that goddamn wall, to keep those Mexicans out!” “You going to carry that surly look to your office?” “Yeah, let them see me like this!” TV channels throughout the country blur the face of their President as they find his look spoiling their morning shows and bringing down their ratings. “Good morning America!” says the morning TV host, “today you will just hear your President and not see him, as we don’t want to spoil your lovely day!”
And for the first time, US television has blank screens. But despite this, for many even the angry voice of their commander- in -chief translates into hate killings, racial abuses and slurs, and shootings, in a nation which was once the most tolerant country on earth.
And the same elsewhere. In India, angry words from podiums and behind lecterns are turning a peace- loving people into gangs of cow vigilants, rapists and thugs. They roam the country inciting people, creating unrest and formulating huge cauldrons of anger.
“Is it the heat?” asked a researcher on anger management. “Yes, heat emitting from the Prime Minister’s office!” said firefighters wiping the sweat from their brows. “We’ve been dousing the place with water, using the best of our equipment, but the fires coming from his office just can’t be put off!”
“Look!” shout the fireman staring with dismay at the map of the country, “Fires are erupting everywhere!” “It’s all from the sparks of rage flying out from the leader’s office!” they cry and fire engines rush out of their bases to douse the anger and hate that the country is now so full of. But the fires of anger only spring higher.
In a village somewhere in Tibet, high up in the Himalayas, a wise monk sat meditating. He was interrupted by shouts from others in his monastery as they pointed down to fires raging down in the valleys all over the rest of the world, “Rage is erupting all over!” shouted his fellow monks.
“Till their leaders learn to speak in peace, think calmly and still the anger within them, their rage will spread and ignite others!” said the wise monk, “Till those very leaders learn calm, it will be an angry, hate filled world..!”
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