Amjad Sabri’s brother denies family’s political affiliation

Staff Reporter

Karachi—Azmat Sabri, brother of slain sufi music singer Amjad Sabri, has denied that the deceased or any of his family members, had any political affiliations. Neither Amjad, nor anyone in his family belong to any political party,.
He told a private TV channel that Sabris, from Ghulam Fareed, Maqbool or lately Amjad, were professionals, belonging to a clan of sufi singers, pursuing an art, dating back to 700 years.
Qawwali was invented by late Ameer Khusro and since then has enthralled audience in Indo-Pak subcontinent and its residents, in India, Pakistan or anywhere in the world.
To say that they belonged to one political party or the other, would be travesty of truth, Azmat made it straight.
Couple of days ago, a well known journalist, now analyst on private TV channel, Najam Sethi, had pointed fingers at MQM for being involved in Amjad’s murder.
The allegations remain refuted now, analysts pointed out

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