Amir loses trust of MQM leadership

Staff Reporter

Karachi—In another major reshuffle, Muttehada Qoumi Movement, struggling to salvage its image, removed Amir Khan from the top most position of party’s senior deputy speaker, and added 5 new members to the policy making Rabita Committee and its overseeing body.
Amir, on bail since long, was permitted to travel abroad by an anti-terrorist court, is currently in Dubai, but despite expiry of his leave period, was yet to return home and face the charge against him, levelled by the Sindh Rangers.
Sources said that in a joint meeting of the Rabita Committee of Karachi and London, workers had complained about Amir Khan, once a close friend of Haqiqi leader Afaq Ahmad, but he later deserted him to rejoin the Altaf Party.
He was suspected of providing a list of people of MQM militant wing to Rangers, following which the para-military force, commanded by an army colonel, raided the MQM nerve centre called ‘nine-zero’ in March last year. He was taken in protective custody. Later he was blind-folded and imprisoned.
However Amir seems to have lost trust of the higher echelons, and had sought a deliberate refuge in Dubai. Now the announcement has come that he has been stripped of his authority.

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