America’s intransigence

Asfand Bhutto

The United States, considering itself as the champion of the human rights and values, has committed multiple violations against humanity for ages and always preferred the use of force against any state’s territorial integrity in order to sway dominance. Dropping nuclear bombs on Japan, storming Afghanistan to fight terrorism and invading Iraq on the false plea of Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD) reveal the catastrophic violations.
The United States has failed to protect the human rights, exterminate terrorism, eradicate poverty and ignorance, halt violence and promote peace and harmony in the world. It has rather become an intervening State. For ages, it has been intervening in the internal affairs of various States particularly the Middle Eastern countries allegedly fostering rhetoric to protect humanity from violence. Had the US focused on eliminating poverty and ignorance from world, a visible prosperity would have been witnessed around the globe.
According to a recent report from Brown University, the US has spent nearly $5 trillion on the war in the Middle East since 2001. The expense is greater than the combined GDP of 31 Latin American and Caribbean countries. With that hefty amount, poverty and hunger could have been eradicated from Ethiopia, Somalia and other crippling African states. The US’ haemorrhaging war on terrorism in Afghanistan has proved counter-productive escalating tension in the region. The people now direly need a positive vision of a better world. The US must lead the fight against poverty, ignorance and repression with the same determination and commitment as it waged war on terrorism.

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