Americans’ unfavourable view of Islam

According to a Reuters/Ipso’s online poll, many Americans view Islam unfavourably and the supporters of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump are more than twice, view the religion negatively, as compared to those backing Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Analysts say the ideological divide between Trump and Clinton supporters is set against a backdrop of increasing violence and discrimination against Muslims in the United States.
The United States has long been considered to be land of opportunities as migrants from different parts of the globe turned to it and achieved successes in different walks of life despite educational, language and cultural barriers. Americans were generally perceived to be tolerant and accommodative but the situation is now changing and the world is now having a different view of the only super power of the earth. The process of transformation of the perception started with the fall of the Soviet Union leading to unilateral policies by the United States which were influenced by Huntington’s theory of clash of civilizations, which described Islam as a threat to the Western society after fall of Communism. Since then the United States is targeting different Muslim countries through different tactics and wars were imposed on them on flimsy grounds of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. State terrorism is used to fight individuals and groups and during the process sovereignty of small countries is trampled. Lacking sanity and maturity, Donald Trump’s statements against Islam and its followers, are subject to criticism. His immature handing of foreign policy issues and religious sensitivities has have also led to more unfavourable viewpoint of Americans about Islam. Leaving asides Muslims, this approach of apartheid would also be detrimental to the interests of the United States by way of polarization of the society, which is already visible in White-Black growing tension.

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