Americans to help Pakistan fight blindness: US expert

Our city reporter

karachi—A large American-based organization, has promised maximum assistance to help Pakistan fight blindness, according to US expert Collins Ross, who was here on a ten-day visit to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
The Pakistan Eye Bank Society, headed by a dedicated Qazi Sajid Ali helped him go round the country, and even visit a principal hospital engaged in cornea transplant in Karachi.
An efficient professional, Qazi Sajid Ali, who headed multi-national a German multi-national company for years, has been involved with the humanitarian assignment for almost four decades and had done a yeomen service.
The visiting expert, heads one of the largest US-based organization, has currently a bank of 8000 corneas, 25 percent of which, roughly 2,400, go to five States in America like Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Connecticut etc. The rest is sent abroad for the deserving.He said he was happy to find commitment and dedication to the cause in Pakistan, and was glad to meet some of the really competent surgeons, involved in cornea transplantation in Pakistan.
His organization will be too happy to led technical and logistical support to the Pakistan Eye Bank Society and treatment centres like Pakistan Eye Bank Society, Al-Shifa, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant (SIUT), and all others committed to the cause. “Our role is of facilitator”, he said adding that a “coordinated approach could be the key to success, of which there is no dearth in Pakistan.
He agreed that resistance for human organ donation from some of the religious organisations, need to be countered through greater awareness. Cornea has to be extracted from the body of a dead donor within certain hours, and transplanted within specified time to be effective, but with genuine preservatives, its life could be extended to a year.

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