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The US president Donald Trump’s outbursts of criticism against the tech giant Google in the matter of rigged search engine results have both something serious and something interesting. To be on a positive note, America’s contribution to the world in terms of technology and facilities have been tremendous and they are worthy of appreciation by all. The beautiful people like Bill Gates are hailing from the United States. Interestingly enough, the Microsoft founder was a source of inspiration during my college years like 1997, 1998. And the college students had commended Bill Gates on various occasions through the college forum. On the college campus, they were often seen discussing the beautiful technological products from Microsoft like computer systems and computer software. Through such pep talk and hard work, many students from our college had then succeeded in gaining entry to the US to work there. Such is the impact of the Microsoft story as far as my college life is concerned.
The technological outbreak, quick availability of computer books and magazines and plenty of English newspapers had made an impact then, encouraging me to study master’s in computer applications.
As for Occidental culture, the fact of the matter is that the countries like the US are home to free culture, beautiful people and huge resources. As a result of this, the Americans are naturally able to contribute a lot to the world in terms of knowledge and wealth.
Considering Trump’s burst against Google, it is also time for Google to mend its ways and methods of technology. After all, technology can be termed the “Salt Of The Earth.” Clearly, the technology if supported and channelled through great ethics will play a more powerful role, even heading for the new beginning.
Maharashtra, India

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