Amending Articles 62-63

ARTICLES 62 and 63 in the Constitution were introduced by military ruler Ziaul Haq for his own vested interests but today these two articles have become a symbol of victimisation as more and more people are moving or planning to move the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Supreme Court of Pakistan against different elected representatives of not being Sadiq and Ameen. In most of the cases it is being done out of sheer political animosity.
Realising the ambiguities of articles 62 and 63 and its repercussions, newly elected interim Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in an interview on Monday said he wanted Parliament to examine the issue and that he would hold consultations with other political parties for amendment in the constitutional articles. The truth is if the two articles were implemented in full, the entire lot of parliamentarians with exemptions of one or two would be out of business. Similar kind of remarks was made by one of the honourable judges of the Supreme Court while hearing the Panama Papers case. It is therefore important that all political parties sit together and remove the ambiguities while bringing in more clarity in the articles to address the issue of massive corruption and how to eradicate it from government departments and all other state institutions. For this purpose an across-the-board parliamentary committee comprising constitutional and legal experts could be constituted with the mandate to introduce such amendments that address the issue in a holistic manner so that nobody could twist and exploit the articles for their vested interests. In fact given the challenges facing the country, the political parties need to take one leap forward and make sure that development needed for flourishing a strong political system is based on morality and social equality. In real and mature democracies, there are neither personal agendas nor interest of a particular group, rather it is the national interests of the State and welfare of the masses. Whilst demonstrating maturity in their tone and tenor, the political parties need to keep the political temperature down and refrain from character assassination of each other as such a course is not transmitting a good message to the masses.

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