Ambreen mother remanded for days

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Abbottabad—The Anti-Terrorism Court has sent Shamim, mother of the 16-year-old Ambreen (the girl burned alive) for 3-day police remand for further investigation, relevant officials told Pakistan Observer on Tuesday.
The mother of the victim Ambreen was included among 14 accused persons (nominal Jirga) men arrested by the Abbottabad police.
Shamim was the main witness of such a gruesome murder, police investigating team told. She was given in police custody for 3 more days remand by the Anti-Terrorist Court (ATC) Judge, Raja Masood, while remaining 13 accused persons were sent on 7 days remand that would be presented in the ATC after 3 days.
Moreover, dependable sources told that police had allowed one Riasat, father of Ambreen, to meet his wife Shamim in judicial lock up for compiling true detailed facts about the fatal incident as the police reportedly failed to find potential grounds for framing charge sheet against the so-called Jirga men (accused) together with mother of victim Ambreen.
The statement of the victim’s mother will be the turning point in the entire episode against the Jirga men who were charged with murder later burning of the victims by putting her in one of two Suzuki vans before setting them on fire allegedly to make it look like an accident.
Following initial reports, victim Ambreen was callously killed because of her alleged involvement in facilitating one of her friend who eloped with a man and later married in court in Abbottabad.
Meanwhile, Sardar Hakam Dad Khan, Advocate said that police investigation into the case was faulty as the suspects held were people who had decreed against the girl and had nothing to do with her murder.
According to the lawyer, police had relied on the phone call, which was made by the Councilor, Pervez to call up the people to participate in the Jirga.
Anyhow, the police was sure to prove the case against Jirga members, now accused of murder. It is worth mentioning here that the DNA test of the girl remained pending adjudication with the relevant team of doctors so far.
In addition, Riasat the dejected father of Ambreen was seriously trying to get his wife released. Expressing to newsmen Riasat said that his entire family was feeling insecure soon after the tragedy, so much so, he cannot allow his son Nauman to get out of the house.

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