Amarnath family’s love for hitting the wicket’ coincidental: Surinder

Bipin Dani
Observer Correspondent

Mumbai—In the history of 84 years of Indian cricket, only the two captains have been the victims of “hit wicket”. First it was Lala Amarnath and then on Saturday it was Virat Kohli against England.
Interestingly, Amarnath family has “love” for this mode of dismissal. Lala Amarnath’s son Mohinder Amarnath being the only Indian to do it thrice and the eldest son, Suriner was out in this fashion in Ranji Trophy.
“It is a mere coincidence. Even Don Bradman was out hit wicket”, Suriner Amarnath, speaking exclusively, said.
Interestingly, Bradman’s hit wicket was grabbed by Lala Amarnath (1947, Brisbane Test) when both were leading the teams.
“It is only a coincidence that no other India captains have been out in this fashion. It is not to suggest that the captains are more protective to their wickets. At the time of batting, the captain is only a batsman and forgets that he is leading the side”, he added.
“It is unfortunate that the credit is given to the bowler. It is a debatable issue. In my case, I lost balance after executing the shot and without waiting for the umpires decision, I walked off. The batsman is aware about his fall of wicket and should leave the crease without waiting for the decision”, Surinder Amarnath added.
Botham’s hit wicket
Ian Botham’s hit wicket (off Curtly Ambrose, against West Indies, Oval Test, 1991) brought more laughter then.
In the company of the famous commentator Brian Johnston, Jonathan Agnew had described that the England all-rounder Ian Botham had been dismissed by hitting his own wicket because he ‘failed to get his leg over’.
His remarks in the sexual sense had vastly entertained the country.
Interestingly, Agnew is now in India for the Test Match Special (TMS) commentary.

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