Altaf floating new organisation

MQM London on warpath

Salahuddin Haider

Karachi—After the tragic incident of August 22, Dr Farooq Sattar, and the entire MQM Pakistan leadership with him, disassociated themselves with the anti-State slogans raised by its founder leader, but a new confrontation seems to building now, which if allowed to prosper, may spell doom for the entire Muhajir community,
That Altaf Hussain and his colleagues, handful in number, have decided to re-launch their organization and have already appointed a rabita committee member from Karachi Amjadullah as its organiser, dark shadows have begun to hover overhead.
Sattar and his friends who had served Altaf loyally for three decades were forced to delink themselves from their leader in London, just to salvage an organisation from complete annihilation, and, had succeeded to a very great extent in their objective.
But Altaf, his deputy, Nadeem Nusrat, and couple of their colleagues, with perverted mindset, seem to be seething with revenge. They first sacked the entire MQM Pakistan, dissolved its policy making coordination committee and lower tier organisations at different levels. But as if that was not enough, now, Monday afternoon, an announcement from London surprised almost everyone in the country that Altaf Hussain would reorganize “his own” MQM anew.
They had already lured a Sindh assembly member Yousuf to their side, who had flown off to London, and now Amjadullah, a youngster , with immature looks, has been summoned to London and given the task to reorganise the “real MQM”.
Can it flourish in the current situation in Pakistan which is loaded with all kinds of eventualities, or will it lead to serious in-fight, or to be more blunt, to street fights among Altaf loyalists, and those disowning them..
A better option would be to wait and watch, but if Altaf remains adamant and creates rifts in the ranks of his followers, who somehow have blind faith in him, then sanity would be the unfortunate victim. Karachi will not only slip from out of the hands of MQM, but would perhaps become a battleground for the rival factions.
Whether blood letting will again be seen, is not known. One can only hope and pray that it does not happen, but straws in the wind are pointing to something highly fissionable.
What is more important is the fact, and which needs to be minutely scrutinized, is the sentiments of the ordinary workers, whose attitude remains undetermined so far. Minor hints have been available on the social media, where pro-Altaf elements calling themselves as “Altafis” have been venting their views openly in favour of the person who founded the party in 1984, and brought it to limelight in 1986.
A dangerous situation, very ominous and explosive, in fact, seems lurking now, and may cause unprecedented damage to Muhajir cause. Urdu speaking settlers, migrants or Muhajirs whatever they care called, have already been victim of injustice in matters of employment, and representation in power corridors, for obvious reasons. The new Sindh government of Murad Ali Shah has an army of ministers and not a single Urdu speaking minister is there in the cabinet. One, Murtaza Wahab, son of late Fauzia Wahab, is the law adviser, but not a full-fledged minister. In government jobs, discrimination is so evident. Number of Urdu speaking secretaries, officers of grade, 18 and 19, and even 20, or above are far and few. Same is the situation in police recruitments. All locals, and Urdu speaking people have just been sidelined. 90 percent senior police officers, Chief Secretary are all native Sindhis. The Constitutional formula, evolved by late Mr Bhutto, founder of the PPP, of 60:40 ratio between natives and migrants, have been conveniently set aside.
In such conditions, rivalries among Urdu speaking people, will be like death warrant for a community which had done so well for the country, and helped it progress and prosper, but now it is being ignored, for unknown reasons.

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