Altaf exploiting MQM: PSP

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Karachi—THE Pak Sarzameen Party Chief, Mustafa Kamal has accused his former leader Altaf Hussain of exploiting MQM for his personal gains.
After considerable length of silence during which he and Anees Qaim-Khani, Waseem Aftab etc, remained hectically busy in strengthening the newly found organization’s structure, Kamal, a former mayor, who commands tremendous respect in Karachi and the rest of the country, appeared flam-boyant once again Monday to dismiss as rubbish allegations leveled against him and his party of being agents of the establishment.
He and Anees Qaimkhani, the two former stalwarts of the MQM, had landed in Karachi in March this year after six months absence from the country, to launch a frontal attack on the founder leader of Mut-tehada Qoumi Movement, and sent shockwaves within the ranks of their former party, and also create a sensation in Karachi, especially among the Urdu speaking population. Accepting that he did carry with him a list of MQM workers with him, but clarified that he was trying to save them from annihilation, which his ex-mentor Altaf Hussain, had been purposely working at.
He said Altaf himself had been responsible for inciting his followers, younger elements particularly at nailing the palms of those in uniform, and instilling rebellion in them instead of calming the passion. Preaching of peace and amity, had completely been ignored, and instead Altaf was now asking such elements to kill atleast 100 of their mauaraders (an obvious reference to people in uniform). Altaf told them that if he were in their place, he would have killed atleast 100 of people hurting them or lifting them to take to unknown places.
He and Anees QaimKhani gave a list of people, numbering at over 200 seniors who had defected from MQM to join them. Mustafa said that he had already established a network of party’s organization in interior of Sindh, at small and major places, in the Punjab, and abroad in England, USA. He said he had been trying to save MQM workers from being punished or perish for no fault of theirs.
They have been misled into accepting wrong ideas as worthy of sacrifices. His message to them was to see the light, and stay away from darkness or evil, for that would do no good to them. Altaf Hussain has been misleading them, and using them as sacrificial goats for his own benefits.
This was a blunder, which MQM founder had deliberately committed. Mustafa announced that since the last four months he had been back in Karachi and had launched his party soon afterwards, MQM popularity had slid to almost zero, citing the example of four by-elections during this period when MQM instead of cake walk victories, had barely managed to secured few thousand votes for its nominees.

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