Allow Kashmiris cross LoC travel under UN rulings

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


Secretary General Kashmir Peace Institute Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi has reminded that the Kashmir resolutions of UN Security Council allow free movement to Kashmiris across CFL/LoC. Both Pakistan and India should strengthen their security network and accord free movement to Kashmiri for intra-Kashmir travel and trade.
In a statement here Sunday afternoon he said that Pakistan respects the UN resolutions; till 1953 Kashmiris from both sides were traveling across the CFL freely. At least that system of 1953 should be revived.
He denounced continued killings of Kashmiri youth by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir. He welcomed a statement of Indian interior minister Mr Rajnath that India wanted a permanent solution to Kashmir dispute. It is good if they accept the disputed nature of Kashmir.
At the same time he reminded that the UN Security Council had had already given a Kashmir solution roadmap that can ensure permanent solution if adopted to; but it is India again that stands as a snag in the way.
He urged the Secretary General of the UN to establish his operational suboffice in Kashmir till the dispute is settled; Kashmir and Kashmir dispute are the liabilities of the UNO by virtue the numerous Kashmir resolutions signed both as approval by Pakistan and India. It is the question of implementing them now. Kashmiris would cooperate if the UN takes any tangible steps for a lasting solution to this dispute cross the 70th running year by now.

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