All is well that ends well

IT was a happy ending of the latest sit-in staged at D-Chowk — a familiar place for the protesters either political or religious to vent their anger out. Though the government mishandled the situation initially by allowing sufficient space to the Chehlum participants to reach the red zone and ransack public property including a Metro bus station, yet it deserves hats off for the afterwards sagacity and sanity it demonstrated to avoid any untoward incident.
Soon after the successful talks between the government and protesting leaders, some quarters appeared with criticism on government for showing leniency or what they called bowing their kneels before the protesters. There is a need to see the things in the right perspective. Undoubtedly, the government had at its disposal all the resources to deal with the protestors on the day one but it acted with utmost care and political sagacity given the sensitivity of the nature. These were emotionally charged protesters and any use of force against them could deteriorate the situation not only in the capital but also other parts of the country. In our view, the government, therefore, treaded the right course of dialogue to cope with the situation as there were also elderly and children who were being used by the leading protesters as human shield. But all these days, life stood paralyzed especially for the office goers in the Capital as well as in neighbouring Rawalpindi. It is the right of the people to protest and express their emotions but every now and then marching on the D-Chowk — the surroundings of whose house many important government buildings, is only making the country laughing stock in the comity of nations. Imposing ban on the holding of sit-ins or public meetings in red zone is a right step on the part of Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan. We hope negotiations in this regard will be held with other political and religious parties to get the decision implemented in letter and spirit, which will also save the people of twin cities from agony and difficulties they face due to repeated protests in capital.

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