Alamgirians remember ‘Golden Days’ of their lives


Old colleagues of Military College Jhelum meet

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A lively get together of Alamgirians full of nostalgia and past memories was held here which was participated by a large number of ex-students who had been part of the Military College Jhelum (MCJ). The event was attended by a large number of officers, those who excelled in different professions and several retired generals including the former army Chief Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiani.
The event provided a rare opportunity to old friends and colleagues to discuss the golden days of their student life.
The get together was of the Rawalpindi Zone of the Association and was held at Crystal Hall, Blue Lagoon, Rawalpindi. Alamgirians Association is a registered social welfare association of all the ex-students of MCJ (Sarai Alamgir). According to Brig Khalid, an office bearer of the Association, ‘Our fraternity is that of brotherhood, common sharing of the values, virtues and character traits infused by our Alma matter in each one of us. We aim to foster friendship, comradeship, espirit de corps and encourage wellbeing and togetherness among all our brothers who studied in Military College Sarai Alamgir (Jhelum) irrespective of the time period he was there in the college.’
The get-together was very well attended, both very seniors and the younger alamgirians, from all walks of life, sharing old memories and common experiences.
Among the Alamgirians present were, Gen.Ashfaq Pervaiz Keyani (Ex-COAS), Gen. Tariq Nadeem Gillani, Gen. Sajjad Ghani, Gen.Hidayat ur Rehman, Gen.Khalid Asghar, Gen. Naeem Akbar and Ch. Khaddam Hussain who was the senior most Alamgirian present. The formal function started with recitation of holy Quran and welcome address by Col (Retd) Iftikhar Ahmed Khan (College No 4240) secretary Rawalpindi Zone.
The gathering was also addressed by Brig (Retd) Khalid Masaud (College No 2542) the Secretary General Alamgirians Association. Who informed that Alamgirians Association is fully organized and now a registered social welfare organization with its Secretariat (Head office) at UG 131, Defense Residency, AlGhurair Giga Complex, DHA II, Islamabad. Jawad Zaidi Son of the first Muslim Commandants of the college then came on stage to share memoirs of Lt Col S. F. H. Zaidi (Late) who stood against many very serious and grave moments faced by Military College at that time, e.g. orders given by Gen Gracy the then C in C of Pakistan Army to close the college for want of no budget available. Col Zaidi wrote to the C in C that the College Staff would work voluntarily without pay and they did not need any budget. Gen Gracy withdrew his orders.
Traditionally then senior most Alamgirian present, Ch Khadim Hussain was requested to address the audience, who shared memories of his time. All the present were then thanked by Col (Retd) Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, on behalf of Major General (Retd) Noor Hussain (College No 3232), President Alamgirians Association, Rawalpindi Zone. A very sumptuous dinner was served followed by a musical night, in which Alamgirian brothers who used to sing in their college days recalled their talent and memories and entertained the audience.
MCJ is the oldest military institution of its kind in Pakistan and located on the Grand Trunk (GT) Road, beside the town of Sarai Alamgir. The campus is spread over about 170 acres of area. It was founded by Prince of Wales, Prince Edward VIII, at Sarai Alamgir on 3rd March 1922 and named as King George Royal Indian Military School (KGRIMS). It started functioning on 15th September 1925, as a residential school for the sons of soldiers.

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