Al-Azhar supports Fatwa by Pakistani Ulema against terrorists


Naib Sheikh for promoting Arabic language in Pakistan

Ashraf Ansari


Naib Sheikh Al-Azhar Abbas Shouman says scholars of Al-Azhar University of Cairo have supported the Fatwa by the Ulama of Pakistan against terrorism.
He expressed this view in an interview with Pakistan Observer. He said: Al-Azhar Sheikhdom considered the fatwa issued by the consensus of Pakistani scholars of all sects. The fatwa rejects the accusation of blasphemy on the army and government of Pakistan. The state of Pakistan is Islamic as its constitution states in several articles. The articles 1, 31, and 227 state that the laws issued by the Pakistani government may not contradict the Qur’an or the Sunnah, neither enact any law violating the provisions of the Islamic Sharia Law. Hence, any acts of violence against the state and its army are considered corruption on the earth and disobedience of Allah and His Messenger. Those who carry out suicide operations commit three sinful acts at a time, i.e. suicide, homicide and rebellion against the army and government of the Muslim state of Pakistan. Therefore, in compliance with the Sharia Laws, the army and government of Pakistan must fight back, , those who commit such sins. The Muslims should support the military and security operations carried out by the Pakistani state, and the intellectual differences among the various sects must be respected. These differences must remain within their scientific and intellectual framework. There can be no justification for promoting hatred and hostility among the followers of various sects. Sectarian differences cannot be taken as a basis for killing and looting or for imposing certain ideas and beliefs on others or waiting for the chance to destroy people who adopt different views.
He said, Al-Azhar Sheikhdom affirms that the Pakistani fatwa is in line with the true Islamic principles and does not contradict any Sharia text or rule. Accordingly, Al-Azhar Sheikhdom unreservedly supports its contents. Evidently, this fatwa applies to all the Muslim States and is therefore by no means confined to Pakistan.
Naib Sheikh Al-Azhar said, the university has proposed to the Pakistan Government that a centre for the promotion of Arabic Language and literature could be setup in Islamabad or any other suitable place. Al-Azhar is ready to cooperate with Pakistan in the establishment of the proposed centre. Initially the centre will be staffed by the scholars to be deputed to Pakistan. Later the Pakistani teachers trained by Al-Azhar scholars could also share responsibilities. The proposed will help in promoting Arabic Language and literature among large segments of Pakistani society. He said knowledge of the Arabic language is highly useful for the Muslims in learning basics of the Islamic faith and understanding of vast religious literature.
He said Al-Azhar has been providing scholarships to Pakistanis in quite a large number for learning in various disciplines of Islamic studies and the Arabic Language. Al-Azhar is ready to increase the number of scholarships. There are also chances of scholarships for Pakistani students in disciplines other than those relating to Islamic studies like medical and engineering sciences.

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