AJK too shows trust in MNS

AS expected, PML(N) has achieved landslide victory in Azad Kashmir elections routing almost all other political parties from the electoral arena. The most important and encouraging aspect of the election was that it was held in a peaceful and orderly manner despite tension witnessed during campaigning especially between supporters of the ruling PPP and PML(N), who clashed at several places.
People of Pakistan reposed trust in PML(N), led by Mian Nawaz Sharif, because of its development oriented agenda and rejected the ruling PPP, which could not deliver during its five year term and earned bad name due to corruption and inefficiency. And now PML(N) is set to form the Government in AJK as people have shown immense trust in the party and badly rejected the ruling PPP because of its dismal performance and tainted image. PTI too has received a serious setback as it not only failed to show any worthwhile existence in AJK but its stalwart Barrister Sultan Mahmood faced humiliating defeat in his home constituency. Though thoroughly beaten PPP has rejected the outcome for understandable reasons but for a change Imran Khan demonstrated sportsman spirit, accepted the results and even extended congratulations to PML(N) over its clean sweep. One must give credit to the team of PML(N) Ministers led by Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid, which worked out to get extraordinary victory for the party. The victory would be a morale booster for PML(N) as it was under cloud and bitter attack of the opposition because of Panama Leaks. The success of PML(N) shows that people reject politics of rhetoric and believe in genuine work, which PML(N) has done during the last three years in Pakistan and we are sure the party would regain confidence of the people in next elections if it maintains tempo of development work. People of Azad Kashmir too have reposed confidence in PML(N) because of the development vision and agenda of Mian Nawaz Sharif, whose team announced a comprehensive manifesto to implement. Now it is time for PML(N) to demonstrate similar spirit in expeditious implementation of the manifesto to make AJK a model territory. This is important as AJK serves as a base camp for liberation movement; and peace, stability and development in the liberated territory would send strong signals across the LoC where people are facing only atrocities at the hands of occupation forces. Similarly, PML(N) should follow the policy of reconciliation and must not go for political victimization.

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