AJK President wants activation of UN Chapter VI on Kashmir


Masood Khan warns India any incursion into AJK to be taken as aggression

Hameed Shaheen

Islamabad—Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has warned India that any incursion into AJK territory would be taken as direct aggression and called upon the international community to initiate forthwith preventive diplomacy to stave off South Asian tensions. India, he cautioned, is on warmongering path and is building up an atmosphere of escalated confrontation in the region which he vehemently condemned.
He was addressing a crowded press conference at Kashmir House here on Sunday, his first public event on return from his highly-fruitful visit to the United Nations where he participated in the annual OIC Foreign Ministers Contact Group Conference on Kashmir, Palestine and other Muslim world issues.
At the UN headquarters the AJK President met senior officials and urged upon the UN General Assembly meeting’s participating heads of state and OIC forum to condemn the growing Indian atrocities and lend open support to the oppressed people of Indian occupied Kashmir groaning under the hostile rule for 70 years.
“I emphasised on the high ranking UN leadership to activate the mechanism of preventive diplomacy under chapter VI of the UN charter, despite Delhi’s refusal to cooperate. There are ways of doing that, via good offices, mediation, conciliation and negotiations,” he asserted.
President Masood said, “In Washington DC I impressed upon my interlocutors that the US government and Congress should not look at the situation through the prism of either security in South Asia or their strategic interests. I asked them to use their international clout over India to steer it away from its course of massive deaths and destruction in occupied Kashmir. America can engage India for a purposeful dialogue aimed at final disposition of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute as US is a globally value-promoting State and a pivot of new internationalism. The human rights calamity in occupied Kashmir should not disappear from its alert radar screen, and its strategic tilt towards India should not condone off Indian crimes against humanity or acquiesce in, in its war crimes in the IOK. US needs to step forward to play a robust role to defuse worsening situation and help resolve the bleeding dispute of Kashmir.”
He debunked India’s claim that IOK is its ‘integral’ part and queried “had it been that way then why would the people of Kashmir quash that claim daily by their dug-in struggle and flowing blood and daring deeds. Kashmiris’ immense sacrifices are in fact a clear-cut referendum; they have rejected the Indian rule imposed on Kashmir by the over 800,000 military and paramilitary; they have given their popular verdict: they would not be part of India”.
He said that India was out to change tyranny into terrorism to hoodwink the international community to flee from its written pledges on Kashmir in and outside of the UNO.
AJK President assured the people of occupied Kashmir of united support of the people of Pakistan and of Azad Kashmir in their just struggle when the weight of the UN Kashmir mandate is wholly in their favour. To a question he said that India has breached bilateral agreements with Pakistan and violated the international law over Kashmir. He paid rich tributes and homage to the fighting Kashmiris and expressed sympathies with the heirs of all martyrs in the Valley and elsewhere.
He reminded that the brave and heroic people of Azad Kashmir had liberated their land in 1947-48 being called now the land of Shaheeds and Ghazis, warning India not to desecrate that land repeatedly via its naked aggression.
Replying a question he said that by whipping up the Uri attack and violations of LoC, India is trying to divert the attention from its massive killings and allied heinous crimes in occupied Kashmir. Now it wants to make Azad Kashmir a target of its aggression which is unacceptable under any circumstances.
“The world community must intercede to stop the hand of aggressor and gross violator of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir. India must be made to pay a price for these crimes against humanity.”
AJK President thanked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for raising the Kashmir issue with full conviction and courage at the UN General Assembly session and completely depicted the plight of the Kashmiris and projected the legitimate aspirations of the Kashmiris especially their right to self-determine their future destiny.
He also deeply appreciated the restraint and responsibility demonstrated by government and brave armed forces of Pakistan in stemming off India’s mischief and misadventure and also for exposing the farce of ‘surgical strike’ by India.

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