AJK president strongly condemns murder of 13 Kashmiris


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Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmirhas strongly condemned killings of 13 Kashmiris, including Sabzar Ahmed Bhat, by Indian occupation forces.
“The martyrs were demanding freedom and right to self-determination. It is not crime by any law because Kashmiris are waiting for a just dispensation for their political future “, Masood Khan said adding that, India was, however, committing crimes against humanity by targeting Kashmiris in their own land.
Drawing attention to the crippling of the Valley of Kashmir by the occupation forces in pursuit of their heinous agenda, Sardar Masood Khan said the message from Kashmiris is that time for freedom is now.
President Masood Khan said that despite restrictions and blockades Kashmiris walked on foot to attend the funeral of their fallen young men, who have laid down their lives in their struggle for liberty and fundamental human rights.
India should read the writing on the war: Kashmiris would not be bludgeoned into submission, he said.
The President said that the people of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan mourn with their brothers and sisters in IOK on this spree of killing and salute the courage and commitment of the mourners in IOK who have wrapped the bodies of the martyrs in Pakistan’s Flag.
“This is a signal of solidarity flashed by these mourners which should be clearly understood by the Indian authorities, he said.
“India should stop cordoning off entire territory of Kashmir and killing innocent Kashmiri civilians with impunity. India should not have immunityfrom prosecution for its crimes”, President Masood said
President Masood Khan urged the international community to put pressure on Indian to cease its cruel and myopic murderous campaign in Kashmir and respond to the Kashmiris’ and Pakistan’s call for withdrawal of Indian troops from the occupied territory and dialogue to determine the political future of the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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