AJK president accuses India of sabotaging peace efforts in region

Altaf Hamid Rao.

Mirpur (Ajk)

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan Thursday said that India has been using bilateral dialogue as a ruse to buy time and delay implementation of the United Nations Resolutions for a free and fair plebiscite, thereby sabotaging peace in the region.
The President expressed these views while being interviewed by a delegation of Indonesian print and electronic on Thursday.
President Masood Khan, while underlining the strong bonds between Pakistan and Indonesia, said that this relations has been sustained by a deep yearning for regional and international peace. He thanked Indonesia for supporting Pakistan on Kashmir during the 1965 War.
During the interaction with the Indonesian media-persons representing major Indonesian newspapers and TV networks, the President said that Indian forces have resorted to extreme and inhuman measures to suppress the freedom movement in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He said that they have deliberately targeted unarmed innocent men and women peacefully protesting for their right to self-determination. President Masood said that hundreds of unmarked graves have been discovered which clearly point to the genocide taking place in IOK.
The President added that India was transforming the demography of Jammu and Kashmir by committing mass killings of the Kashmiri Muslims, settling people from outside IOK and forcefully evacuating the locals from their ancestral properties. Due to these measures, the population of Muslims in Jammu, for instance, has diminished from 61% to a 33%, he said.
When inquired about the international community’s inattention to the Kashmir dispute, the President said that India has falsely distorted facts on Kashmir by projecting the dispute as a bilateral matter and claiming that the occupied territory was an integral part of the Indian sates.

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