AJK politics to take soon a new turn: Attique

Staff Reporter

Rawalpindi—Sardar Attiue Ahmed Khan, ex-premier and pesident Muslim Conference, has said that politics was taking new turn in Azad Kashmir. Federal Ministers in their visit to that area use highly objectionable language in their speeches. Now we have started thinking that ministers tone and talk have prior approval of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, because the premier has not taken notice of such uncivilized language of his ministers so far, Sardar Attique said this while talking to workers of his party and mourners of Marhoom Amanullah Khan here on Saturday.
He paid glowing tributes to Amanullah Khan and described him as the symbol of Kashmiri struggle and people who throughout of his life stuck to his line thinking. His demise has left whole of Jammu and Kashmir bereaved, he added. He regretted that no representative of the federal government participated in his funeral prayers. He expressed these views during his visit to Chandni Chowk JKLF office here.
He also regretted that Prime Minister of Pakistan during his recent visits to Kotli and Bagh has not uttered even a wingle word about Kashmir dispute. Instead to India, the enemy of Kashmiris, he addresssed as a ‘neighbor’. To us China is our neighbor, but India is a straight enemy. He referred to the visits of India by former presidents of Pakistan General Ziaul Haq and General Pervez Musharraf reminding that the both had opposed India on its own soil on the basis of Kashmir principles.
Taking a note of the feelings of particiants sardar Attique Khan said that his party Muslim Conference would live on. It is based on an ideology which no accident, incident or happening can dent all.Soon AJK politics will take a turn and ‘we will not allow any non-state politics to take root’ in the liberated terrritory.

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