AJK cabinet approves Rs1.725b for developmental projects Farooq applauds Pakistan for providing funds for volatile areas


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The Developmental Committee of AJK cabinet approved over Rs. 1.725 billion for the developmental projects in Azad Kashmir. The cabinet met under the chair of AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan here on Saturday. The cabinet meeting discussed the ongoing developmental projects at length and details.
Rs .570.945 million has been approved for the maintenance and reconditioning of Kotly Gulpur Krote Road and the AJK government would bear all the expenses from its own budget for the project, Rs.1.434 billion has been approved for the construction of 138 KMs road in 13 electoral constituencies of LOC under LOC package phase-I, besides, some 800 bankers would be constructed with the cooperation and assistance of PAK Army under phase-I at the line of control.
The meeting was attended by cabinet members and secretaries of the government including Raja Muhammad Nisar Khan, Dr. Najeeb Naqi, Sardar Farooq Ahmed Tahir, Ch.Muhammad Aziz Khan, Barrister Iftikhar Gilani,Sardar Farooq Sikander,Dr.Mustafa Bashir, Ch.Yaseen Gulshan, Syed Shokat Ali Shah, Nasir Hussain Dar, Ch.Muhammad Ishaq besides,AJK Chief Secretary Dr.Shehzad Banghish, Additional Chief Secretary for Development Syed Asif Hussain Shah and other high officials were also present in the meeting.
AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider while addressing the meeting, said that LOC package has jointly prepared by PAK Army and the government of Azad Kashmir and thanked to government of Pakistan and PAK Army for approving and providing the said funds.
He asserted that all projects have been initiated in view of defensive point of view and adding that these projects are the most pivotal for over 600,000 people living at LOC in the radius of five KMs.

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