Ajit Doval’s fresh machinations


Sultan M Hali
INDIA’S National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, a self-confessed terrorist and rabid Pakistan and Muslim baiter has launched a fresh campaign of disinformation and denigrating Pakistan. In his latest move, the Indian NSA directed his media to release fabricated news to create panic and alarm amongst the masses while blaming Pakistan so that international pressure on Pakistan to stop supporting terrorism mounts further. Indian TV channel “Times Now”, on November 01, 2017 broke the “news” in a sensational manner, claiming that Pakistan intelligence agency ISI is plotting the use of biological weapons along the Line of Control (LoC). It was claimed that ISI chief Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar, along with a team of intelligence agency officials, met Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and Jaish-i-Muhammad (JeM) activists on October 09, 2017 close to the LoC at Chakothi, District Bagh in Azad Jammu Kashmir and assured them of providing funding to unleash terror activities in Kashmir.
To add intensity to the panic being created, it was declared that twenty officers of Pakistan Army are currently undergoing training in the use of biological and chemical weapons in China. On their return, they will be deployed along the LoC so that the horror of chemical and biological warfare can be unleashed on India, purporting that this wave of terrorism, conducted by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and JeM activists, will commence in November 2017 and reach its peak on India’s Republic Day (January 26, 2018), claiming thousands of human lives. This bogus propaganda went unnoticed in Pakistan because local media is too busy covering the domestic political strife. This scribe learnt of the heinous plot through an invitation to join a talk show on the “Times Now” Indian TV Channel on November 01, 2017 to discuss the alleged plot. The vitriolic Indian media, under instructions from Ajit Doval to continue its incessant Pakistan bashing, takes sadistic pleasure in maligning Pakistan through deceit and guile, following the Chanakyan principle of “tell a lie so often that it appears to be the truth.” Method in the Indian madness became evident on November 03, when India once again presented a case in the UNSC to have Masood Azhar, the head of JeM. China, Pakistan’s all weather friend vetoed the Indian proposal in the absence of consensus and cast iron evidence of Masood Azhar’s role in terror attacks in India.
Touched to the quick, India reacted with a fresh plot, staging another false flag operation on November 06, claiming that Indian forces had killed two “Pakistani terrorists” in a gun battle in Pulwama. This scribe was invited by “India Today” for a talk show hosted by YV host Gaurav Savant, who claimed that one of the alleged “terrorists” was Talha Rasheed, the nephew of Masood Azhar, claiming that ISI was behind the attack. As evidence it was asserted that a US-made M4 Carbine rifle, supplied to Pakistan Army was recovered from Talha Rasheed, implying that since Pakistan’s Special Forces use M4 carbine rifles, they supplied the weapon to the JeM.
Rejecting the Indian claim as fabricated, I countered that US-made M4 Carbine, which can be purchased from the black market is no evidence. Gaurav responded by insinuating that there were reports that 10 such rifles were brought by “terrorists” who infiltrated from across the border recently. My response was that there are reports that some logistic containers of the US forces, after they left the Karachi Port were waylaid and it is possible that operatives of the infrastructure developed by Senior RAW terrorist Commander Kulbhoshan Jadhav stole weapons from the container, smuggled them to India and are now presenting them to malign Pakistan.
India was advised that since all weapons carry serial numbers, the weapon found with the alleged terrorist can be traced out whether it was an US issue or one stolen or lost and Indian accusations can wait till further proof is available. On November 10, I was invited to another talk show by the same anchor on “India Today” TV claiming that they had fresh evidence implicating Pakistan. A ten seconds audio clip was presented comprising a tearful male voice. It was claimed that it was Masood Azhar accepting that Talha Rasheed was his nephew and he would seek vengeance by wreaking hell on India. My response was that all that was audible was tears, which Masood Azhar (if it was his voice) may be shedding at the plight of the hapless Kashmiri youth that are being blinded and killed every day by Indian security forces in IOK. No mention of any nephew or vengeance was heard. I reiterated that the biggest terrorist resides at the PM House in New Delhi and his NSA Ajit Doval is hatching plots like the September 2016 Uri attack or January 16 Pathankot incident which are staged to depict Pakistan as a supporter of terror. All hell broke loose, my audio was cut off and I left the show.
It is a fact that Ajit Doval and his ilk like the Indian Chief Bipin Rawat or Anil Dhasmana have been appointed to follow the same terror blueprint targeting Pakistan. There is a possibility that Indian Army itself, which has been using chemical weapons to gag Kashmiri people since June 1999 in blatant violation of international laws, may escalate the use of chemical weapons and smell shelling against innocent protesters in IOK but blame Pakistan. Frustrated over China’s vetoing of Indian move against Masood Azhar in UN as well as opposing CPEC is possible rationale for the intrigues being hatched.
—The writer is retired PAF Group Captain and a TV talk show host.
Email: sm_hali@yahoo.com

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