Airstrikes against Afghan terrorists

Javaid Bashir

After 9/11 attack on World Trade Centre, America took drastic action to beef up its internal security. President Bush Jr immediately launched airstrikes against Afghanistan. American air power decimated the mountains and levelled them to ground. Homeland Security Organization was established to take care of terrorists and militants.
Pakistan has been under siege by the terrorists and defunct outfits. Our government’s response has been quite inadequate and lacks the necessary will to take stern action against the miscreants. The intelligence agencies and law enforcing agencies provide the advance information and give written warnings but the concerned authorities ignore these warnings exposing the innocent citizen to dangers. In a few days entire scene has changed and terror groups have resurfaced with greater vengeance.
What are the reasons for not taking action against Afghanistan since we know that these terrorists cross the border and infiltrate into Pakistan. They have safe havens and enclaves in Afghanistan and operate from there. The Afghan government has failed to take action against them. In these circumstances, I would suggest that Pakistan should activate its Air Force to make surgical strikes to decimate the source of evil. We have the legitimate right to do so. After the deadly Lahore suicide attack and the massacre at Sehwen Sharif Dargah of Lal Shahbaz Qalander there is no excuse for the government to act.

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