Airstrike on Syrian hospital

NATIONWIDE ‘cessation of hostilities’ in conflict ridden Syria is under serious threat of collapse with recent acts of violence in Aleppo and many other locations. In an horrific incident the other day, airstrikes targeted a paediatric hospital in rebel held part of the contested city of Aleppo and according to latest reports as many as fifty people have been killed in that strike.
Over the past three months, especially the medics and hospitals have witnessed growing number of attacks which reported to have killed hundreds of doctors and nurses besides patients ever since the start of the conflict. It appears as the warring parties are deliberately hitting these targets as part of their military strategies thus eliminating a vital lifeline for the civilians living in the embattled areas leaving them with no choice but to flee. This is an alarming situation demanding urgent action on the part of major world capitals as well as the United Nations to keep the ceasefire and political process intact. They need to do more than simply condemning these attacks and ensure that they stop occurring so that the ill fated people have the basic facilities to go and get their treatment. Human rights organizations should also take notice of such kind of collateral damage instead of only counting the victims’ bodies under the rubble. As the people of Syria have already suffered acute miseries due to conflict of last five years, we will urge the United States and Russia to wake up on this humanitarian tragedy and take genuine steps for bringing lasting peace in the country.

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